Who are the crazy people behind this blog?

Aww :)

We’re half Australian, half American and full crazy. I’m Ruby and I’m the main author of this blog. My handsome husband Branden, or B, also has a guest spot ‘My Guy Friday’ (Get it? Like girl Friday, but he’s a guy!)

A majority of the content you will find here is cooking or food related, with some sewing goodness thrown in. Check out our FAQs section for more blog related info. We’re geeky, Christ-loving newly weds saving for our own home. Half my family is living/working in Beijing and B’s family all live in the USA. We adventure together doing various things like road trips, video game nights and movie outings. We love exploring and celebrating the differences between American and Australia culture (within our own experiences of course). Branden is also really into photography and when the weather is nice we like to go on little photo escapades with our Canon Rebels (T2i & Xsi).

We also have uber talented friends and family that have wonderful things to share with the world, so sometimes you’ll see a guest post pop up.

If you want to suggest a recipe or ask us a question you can email us at sewcookcreate@gmail.com, tweet us @SewCookCreate or simply comment on one of our other posts.

The above photo was taken by Jonathan Dear from Vibrant Photography.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. It was interesting to read about everything you are doing and I am happy you both are so gifted (and glad you wrote about the love languages too).
    Perhaps you will both touch the world in your own special way.

  2. I have such a talented son and daughter-in -law who never cease to amaze me and I wanted them to know I loved and missed them . All my love always mumom

  3. What a great story and i love the recipes.. maybe i will learn to cook different things! Happy to see you are both happy and doing so great!
    Love Debby.. and Justin too! Branden..Justin is always asking about how you are!

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